From pilgrims at Plymouth Rock to the proclamation of a national holiday by President Lincoln, Thanksgiving is truly an American tradition.

But in recent years, that tradition has gotten incredibly expensive as we have seen the prices of Thanksgiving food - from turkeys to potatoes - skyrocket as a result of Biden’s failed economic policies.

According to a survey put out by the American Farm Bureau Federation, the prices for ingredients for pumpkin pies and stuffing have all gone up.  When comparing the prices from 2019 to 2023, the overall cost for one Thanksgiving meal is up more than 25 percent.  This year’s dinners will be the most expensive on record.

That’s a direct result of President Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s reckless spending in the past two years.  As your Representative, I will continue to pump the brakes on their reckless agenda and push towards proven pro-growth policies.