Earlier this month, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill to stop President Biden’s unconstitutional student loan giveaway.  It was a historic rebuke of an Administration who is more interested in giving away hundreds of billions of your tax dollars than addressing the spending problem in Washington, D.C.

But what did President Biden do?  He vetoed the bill.

There’s no doubt that the student loan giveaway would have been a burden on the 100 million Americans who never went to college and the other 110 million Americans who have already paid their tuition in full.  President Biden's student loan bailout would’ve forced 210 million Americans to pay for 43 million Americans, many of whom come from upper class households that willingly took on debt, and for colleges who are hiking up tuition costs.  According to an estimate, each taxpayer would have to pay $3,526 to cover the bill for this plan.  That’s ludicrous.

While we’re still waiting for a final decision from the Supreme Court, the House acted again this week by voting to override the President’s veto.  We came short of the two-thirds majority needed, but the vote was bipartisan, and the House Republicans made it clear that we stand for financial responsibility and the American Dream.

I will continue to fight nonsensical spending policies that weigh on the shoulders of hard working Americans.  I will keep you updated on that fight.