America leads the world through STRENGTH.  Our nation is a beacon of freedom and democracy, but it is also a symbol of strength that keeps dictators and bullies in their place.  That’s why it matters how the White House spends our tax dollars.  President Trump understood that and used it to help our nation reach its full potential.  In comparison, it’s obvious that President Biden prioritizes the wrong things.

During a hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I confronted Biden's USAID Administrator, Samantha Power, about her agency’s decision to spend a whopping $2 million on “Advancing Equity and Equality of Marginalized Groups Activity in Serbia,” with a focus on “Economic Empowerment of LGBTQI+ People.”  Her answer to my questions?  Complete BS.

At a time when our foreign policy in Eastern Europe is essential to countering Vladimir Putin and Russia, the Biden Administration should not be sending $2 million of our tax dollars on woke policies pushed by the far-left wing of its party.  This isn’t hard power, it’s not even soft power - it’s just plain stupid and weak.

When we talk about out-of-control spending, this is what we’re talking about.

Even as our nation is heading towards a potentially historic default on our national debt, the Biden Administration is more concerned about appeasing its base by funding a woke agenda.

On the other hand, House Republicans offered a sensible solution - the Limit, Save, Grow Act - which would not only prevent a default but also save $4.8 trillion by limiting discretionary spending, reclaiming unused pandemic response funds, and ending bad policies like the student loan bailout.  At the same time, our proposal would grow the economy by unleashing American energy and strengthening the workforce.

It’s time for President Biden to come to terms with reality, end all the unnecessary spending - like $2 million for LGBTQI+ equity in Serbia - and grow our economy.  It’s time to put America first.