Every day millions of individuals put their lives on the line for a cause greater than themselves. In many cases, these individuals do it while wearing a uniform: either a law enforcement uniform or one emblazoned with the insignia of one branch of our armed forces. Yet, our government doesn’t do nearly enough for them.

Take veterans, for example. For years, the VA has allowed veterans to receive outside care because of an inability to retain adequate mental health professionals. Now, veterans are being told they have to return to that system because the VA will no longer cover referrals to outside mental health providers.

This is UNACCEPTABLE. Our government should ensure veterans get the care that they have earned and deserve.

The same goes for our police officers. That’s why House Republicans passed pieces of legislation to support law enforcement and make it easier — NOT HARDER —for them to do their jobs.

We passed legislation to expand federal grants so police departments can hire more officers. We also passed a bill to immediately deport illegal aliens who assault police officers.

For more updates on what happened this week, as well as the new bill I introduced to streamline YOUR ability to get a passport renewed promptly, check out the latest #WeekInReview.