This week was amazing: a wave of common sense overcame Washington! I'll be the first to say that meaningful action and change have been missing from Washington for far too long, but this week we made major progress to restore sanity!

First, we took the next step toward cutting your taxes and simplifying the way you file your taxes. We're working to double the standard deduction (taken by 70% of the people in our district), increase the child tax credit (taken by over 40,000 families in our district) and lower rates for middle- and lower-income filers.

Then, the President officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was a momentous occasion for those of us who recognize the truth that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel!

But that wasn't all. We also passed the Taylor Force Act. Right now, the Palestinian Authority has a disgusting policy of giving financial rewards to families of terrorists, and unbelievably, the U.S. has been sending them taxpayer dollars that could be used to fund the program. The good news is that this bill, named for a former Army officer who was murdered in 2016 while traveling in Israel, will stop U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to the Palestinian Authority to reward this terrorist pay-to-slay. I can’t believe we even need to pass such a commonsense bill, but I was glad to see it pass with unanimous bipartisan support.