When President Trump demanded “build the wall,” it became a rallying cry for Americans wanting to see common sense solutions coming out of Washington, after years of being affected by the Obama Administration’s #AmericaLast policies.

Democrats scoffed at him, accusing him of being racist.  Speaker Pelosi claimed a moral high ground saying that “a wall is an immorality,” and Joe Biden promised he would not build “another foot of the wall.”

#OpenBorder policy was the official platform of the Democrats in Washington… until they realized it’s not popular.

Then, one by one, Democrats started to change their tune and do a 180 degree turn.  And just today, the Biden Administration flip-flopped completely and said there is an immediate need for a border wall.  The same people who have long argued President Trump’s border wall should be scrapped have finally realized that their political talking points are not adding up and the support from their base is crumbling down.

I said it during my first year in office and I will say again: we need to build the wall.  Now that we have a bipartisan consensus, let’s quit the political posturing and make sure we have a secure border that keeps our community and our country safe.