Joe Biden has made a lot of promises that “America was back” on the global stage or that he will “never turn his back” on refugees and immigrants.

He broke both of those promises this week.

While he’s let a record-breaking number of unvetted immigrants across our southern border with absolutely no consequences, he has completely abandoned the tens of thousands of Afghan individuals who served shoulder to shoulder with our troops, proving time and time again that they were a friend to America. 

People who are breaking the law to get into our country are rewarded with a free pass, while people who defended our country on the battlefield are rewarded with a death sentence. 

The lives of our allies were clearly not a priority for the Administration.  My office has been working on dozens of individual cases for interpreters and support staff that served alongside veterans from our community.  Some end successfully, but too often, the State Department tells us that “they fell through the cracks.” 

When someone “falls through the cracks” in Afghanistan, they are hunted down by the Taliban and killed.  The President cannot claim to be leading the most pro-immigrant Administration when he has completely abandoned those who were promised safety in exchange for their service.

This is a broken promise that has life-and-death consequences.