This week was a favorite for Speaker Pelosi.  She spent more of your money and imposed yet another mandate on the American people. 

During what I would call “National Spend Other People’s Money Week,” House Democrats decided to send more of your hard-earned tax dollars into the bloated, inefficient bureaucracies in Washington, D.C.  If you thought the $1.9 trillion bailout blue states plan was bad, Speaker Pelosi just decided to increase spending by 21% at a time when our national debt is over $28 trillion!

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi’s power grab continues in the form of yet another big government mandate: 

In addition to announcing that Americans visiting the Capitol will be required to wear masks indoors even if they are fully vaccinated, Capitol Police have been instructed to arrest any visitor that refuses to comply! 

Speaker Pelosi is punishing Americans that refuse to bow down to her power and control!  But, this is the People’s House, not Pelosi’s House, and I will continue fighting to remind her of that fact!

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