This week the House of Representatives voted on a piece of legislation to reform law enforcement across the country. This is an important issue, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this legislation.

First, there were some good provisions in this bill that I strongly support like prohibiting racial profiling, requiring an officer to intervene when another officer is using excessive force on a civilian, and requiring uniformed officers to wear body cameras.

Unfortunately, there were also a number of provisions that I believe make it more difficult for law enforcement officers to safely and successfully do their job. For example, the bill would ban no-knock warrants, putting officers in serious danger when conducting illicit drug investigations. It would also create an overly broad registry of police misconduct that leaves the door open to serious inaccuracies and false accusations.

I’m hopeful that we can put politics aside and work together to find a compromise that focuses on holding accountable the bad actions of a few without further risking the safety of our many hero street cops.

Hear more about this bill and my vote by watching the video above.

In case you missed it, here are a few other things that happened this week:

  • I shared my thoughts on the way police are being treated in our country, and how it is eerily familiar to the way our nation mistreated our Vietnam veterans.
  • A massive algal bloom 27x the size of Stuart has formed on Lake Okeechobee. Check out the latest #LakeOFactCheck on how we are avoiding discharges for now.
  • I stood with our Israeli allies in defending our common values of freedom, democracy and human rights.