This was a big week for our community and the headliner is that the House of Representatives passed a bill to authorize the EAA Southern Storage Reservoir. This reservoir has been one of my top priorities since I got to Congress and is a critical part of our efforts to stop harmful discharges. Now, the Senate must act. Together, we can get this reservoir across the finish line!

Here are the highlights from the rest of the week:

  • The Veterans Affairs Committee held a hearing on my bill to streamline the opening of Congressional offices inside VA facilities across the country. Our office in the West Palm Beach VA is the first of its kind, and I'm pushing this bill to replicate our success to improve access to services for veterans everywhere. Watch the video here.
  • My bill to strengthen border security, called the Secure Border Communications Act, passed unanimously out of the Homeland Security Committee. This bill will help strengthen border security by updating the communications technology available for border patrol agents. Read more about it here.
  • We passed several bills to strengthen Medicare and improve care for seniors. Our bills include efforts to combat fraud, improve access to coverage under Medicare, increase transparency and more. Read about the bills here.