We all remember what March was like. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer were nowhere to be found. We watched as restaurants, businesses and entire states closed up shop before our very eyes. The American Dream as we knew it was put on hold.

But rather than accept this new reality, Americans rolled up their sleeves and got to work as the White House announced Operation Warp Speed, a national initiative to accelerate development, production and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

In just 7 months, this partnership between the government and America’s leading pharmaceutical companies has resulted in the development of two promising vaccines, one of which is already being distributed.

Now, after being told it could take years to develop a vaccine, we are prepared to manufacture up to a billion doses by the end of 2021, which is enough to vaccinate the entire population of America and beyond.

Operation Warp Speed is proof that there is no problem too big for Americans to tackle head on and conquer. Our nation is full of the very best, and there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome. That is the American way!

Check out this new video on Operation Warp Speed.