A lot happened this week.

You’ve probably already heard the headlines about gun control and abortion.  You can hear my thoughts on those issues in this week’s Week In Review video.

I want to highlight here, though, two items that may have flown under the radar:

First, the President signed my bill - the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act - into law in a big win for our community.  This law will force the federal government to take action to combat toxic blooms in Florida like they have already done for the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River regions.

Next, in a committee hearing, I had an absurd exchange with a Biden Administration official who claimed that sending money to the terrorist-supporting Palestinian Authority had a “stabilizing effect” on the region.  Her comments ignored the fact that, just one year ago, we saw Hamas launching rockets into Israel!

Check out this week’s video to watch that exchange and for more on what went down in Washington, D.C. over the last several days.