Earlier this week, I asked the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the State Department: “am I White?”

She was not able to answer.

That’s not surprising - if I didn’t tell you that I’m half-Mexican, there is no way of knowing what my background is.  So why is the State Department so fixated on changing the recruitment process to check the boxes and score “diversity points,” instead of finding the best of the best?

So I asked her another question - could she tell me what “the best” looks like?  She could not answer.

This is the problem our country is facing: we forgot what it is like to be the BEST.  Not only is this affecting our nation domestically, but it is damaging our standing on the global stage.  While China has set its eyes on one goal - to overtake the United States and become the world superpower - the United States is concerned about how “misgendering” could create a “hostile work environment.”  This is unacceptable.

We need our country to be strong.  We don’t need to be either weak or woke.  I will continue to fight to make sure our government functions the way it’s supposed to: government of the people, by the people, for the people.