Every day, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers wake up with one mission in mind: to protect their community.  Thanks to these brave men and women who wear their uniforms each and every day, we can wake up each morning safely.  Their selfless service is a true inspiration.

It is especially true for the border patrol agents who swore an oath to keep our country secure.

However, with a surge of migrants at our southern border, these officers are left to do the impossible task of protecting our nation from a flood of migrants who believe they have an open invitation from President Biden into our country.  The Biden Administration continues to look the other way even as the crime cartels are making record-breaking profits by smuggling migrants through our porous southern border.

That is why the House Republicans passed the Secure the Border Act, which would place more agents on the job and ensure they have the resources they need to secure our border.  This bill would also finish the construction of President Trump’s border wall and reinstate Title 42, otherwise known as the Remain in Mexico policy.

We must restore law and order, from our southern border to our streets.  As your Representative, I will do everything in my power to make sure law enforcement officers have all the tools they need to keep our communities safe, no matter how much far-left activists are calling to defund them.  We cannot let the skyrocketing crime rates in blue cities be the reality for all of America.

To all those who serve, we thank you for keeping our neighborhoods safe.  I will continue to fight on your behalf in Washington so that your investment in our communities does not go to waste.