In Washington, D.C., unelected bureaucrats are constantly trying to increase their own power by stripping away our rights and freedoms.

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act — known as FISA — is a prime example. This law is supposed to make it easier for the government to surveil foreign nationals abroad with ties to terrorist groups, like ISIS and Hezbollah.

Instead, the federal government has weaponized these spy powers to target U.S CITIZENS right here at home. This power grab is not in line with our Constitution at all.

That’s why I was proud to vote AGAINST reauthorizing FISA this week.

This type of government overreach is exactly why Americans have little faith in our institutions. I firmly believe that Congress should be putting hard working Americans first because President Joe Biden is not.

Just this week, Biden announced a scheme to use $7.4 BILLION of YOUR tax dollars to bail out WOKE college students that can’t get a real job.

Why should an electrician who opted to pursue trade school be forced to foot the bill for the Yale gender-studies graduate making coffee at Starbucks?

It’s unfair and I will continue to fight such nonsense in Washington, D.C.

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