As you’ve heard me say before, if we wouldn’t put it in the bathtub with our kids, we shouldn’t allow it in our waterways. 

So whether its runoff from agriculture, pollution from septic tanks, herbicides like glyphosate or any other kind of dangerous water pollution, we need to find a way to stop it at the source.

As you may know, that’s why I helped introduce the Local Water Protection Act to increase support and funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s program that tackles nonpoint source pollution.

The big news is that, today, our bill passed the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee!

Here’s why that’s a big deal: 

This bill will increase funding for projects to prevent pollution that plagues Florida’s waterways. For example, the bill could help homeowners convert their septic tanks to sewer systems and help with the creation of new wetland basins to naturally filter water.  Funding from this bill can also be used to restore already impaired waterways, such as dredging out of legacy pollutants.  The possibilities are nearly endless for how we can use this funding in Florida to stop pollution and fix our waterways.

Nobody should lack access to clean and safe water, and not another day should be allowed to go by where the federal government allows Americans to be poisoned through the water they drink, bathe or swim in.  

This bill is a big step forward in ensuring our country lives up to that goal.  Read more here:

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