For decades, politicians in Washington, D.C. have been running up the national credit card.  Especially in the last two years, Speaker Pelosi and President Biden have been spending your money like there’s no tomorrow.  Now, the credit card is maxed out and the United States has to either raise the debt ceiling or default on its national debt.  Neither is a good option.

No one wants to see a default on the debt, but a $32 trillion national debt is an equally large catastrophe that our kids and grandkids will have to clean up.  It’s time for government to make smart, responsible decisions and address the root cause of the debt ceiling problem: out-of-control spending.

The Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023 is a responsible bill that will not just raise the debt ceiling, but it will actually save $4.8 trillion.  How?  By limiting discretionary spending, saving money by clawing back unused pandemic response dollars and stopping bad policies like the student loan bailout, and growing the economy by unleashing American energy and strengthening the workforce.  I was glad to see it pass the House with my support.

But this bill is far from the finish line.  It’s now on its way to the Senate, where I expect Leader Schumer and President Biden to have some major disagreements with it.  But the point is that House Republicans have made our position clear: we’re not going to be forced into mortgaging our kids’ futures in order to pay for their far-left spending spree.

It’s time for President Biden to come to the negotiating table and work with us to prevent a default and get spending under control.