America was founded on the principle that everyone has the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Despite the intent of the Founding Fathers, however, your government is not doing its best to protect your God-given rights. This is certainly true for Jewish Americans as evidenced by the insanity that has been allowed to flourish on college campuses in recent days.

That’s why, this week the House moved to swiftly pass legislation cutting off federal funding for schools and universities that don’t crack down on the blue-haired freaks screaming “from the river to the sea.”

On the Foreign Affairs front, I held a roundtable with the families of Americans being unjustly detained abroad. Our government is duty-bound to protect hard-working Americans from being wrongfully detained by foreign powers abroad.

Yet, dozens of Americans have been languishing behind bars in foreign countries for years and Joe Biden’s State Department can’t explain what it’s doing to get them out. That’s disgusting.

If you are an American detained abroad, there should be every expectation that an American is coming to get you, whether that's an American diplomat or an American with a rifle.

For more updates on what happened this week, as well as the new bill I introduced to streamline YOUR ability to get a passport renewed promptly, check out the latest #WeekInReview.