Funding for Everglades restoration has increased dramatically over the past several years, including a historic $250 million commitment from the federal government last year.

But our fight is far from over, which is why I am urging President Biden and Congressional leaders to include full funding for the completion of the authorized Everglades Restoration projects in their upcoming infrastructure package

This infrastructure package is a historic opportunity to fully fund Everglades restoration and combat Florida’s ongoing public health crisis caused by the federal government discharging toxic water from Lake Okeechobee nearly every summer. 

Fully funding Everglades Restoration as part of this package would create more than 65,000 jobs, protect the environment and improve public health for Floridians and the 130 million visitors attracted to the state each year by America’s Everglades and Florida’s other environmental marvels.

I’ll let you know what I hear back and will continue working to get the job done!

You can read our letter to President Biden here: