The American Flag’s 50 stars and 13 stripes is a representation of freedom. It's among our most effective means of fostering international goodwill. Unfortunately, our government does not feel the need to display our flag on every humanitarian relief package that we send abroad.

This is insulting to the hard-working taxpayers who deserve recognition for funding foreign aid.

That’s why I proposed legislation to mandate that all humanitarian aid packages sent abroad must bear the American flag.

Outside of foreign aid, this week I introduced legislation to sanction the International Criminal Court for aggressively attempting to weaken our ally, Israel. The ICC wants to punish Israel for defending itself against Hamas.

Think about that: They want to punish an American ally for defending itself against the terrorists that raped and butchered 1,200 innocent civilians on October 7th.

This is DISGUSTING and UNACCEPTABLE. As always, I will prioritize America and ensure that these groups that support terrorism are unable to destroy our allies.

On the home front, I’m pushing to cut off taxpayer dollars from going to fund grotesque research on animals.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has already been ordered by Congress to phase out such testing. But that’s just one department across the entirety of the federal government, so this fight is far from over.

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