This week once again showed us how little Nancy Pelosi and her allies are willing to do for American families. 

As we began the new session of Congress, Nancy Pelosi had a welcome gift for every Member of the House of Representatives: new KN95 masks. In case you missed it, KN95s are made in China. So, even after the Biden Administration assured the country that American-made N95s were ready for distribution, Speaker Pelosi purchased Chinese goods with your tax dollars. She put Chinese communists first and Americans last. 

Also this week, a new report confirmed that inflation hit its highest level since 1982. The last time things were this bad, I was two years old - younger than my youngest son, Major, is now. And how did Joe Biden respond? He ignored the problem and stayed focused on trying to pass his far left agenda. 

This is simply an insult to Americans. We need a government that prioritizes Americans. Unfortunately, that level of leadership is missing in the White House and the Speaker’s office. 

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