Today marks the 100 years of Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  For 100 years, people under the Chinese Communist Party have experienced human rights abuses and have their freedom suppressed.  The list of Chinese aggression goes on and on, yet American companies are giving Communist China a pass from any responsibilities. 

Look at Hollywood - 

Just in the past few years, you saw many Hollywood actors and actresses censoring themselves and kowtowing to the demands of Communist China to appease the regime.  For example, in 2019, Tom Cruise ripped off flag patches on his leather jacket to please Communist China.  Earlier this year, John Cena apologized endlessly in Mandrin for calling Taiwan a country!

What happened to Hollywood? 

If you grew up watching Hollywood movies like I did, this raises important questions for Americans: when did it become Hollywood’s job to appease Communist China? 

We need to stop catering to the Chinese Communist Party regime, starting with Hollywood, and I will fight hard to keep its influence off our daily lives.  We need to disincentivize Hollywood from bending to the will of the CCP.