Less than a year ago, gas prices were a whopping $5 per gallon.  Though the prices have dropped since then, it’s still hovering around $3, which would have been unimaginable when President Trump was in office.

President Trump made one thing clear: America doesn’t have to be dependent on the energy of other nations - not of Saudi Arabia, not of Venezuela, and certainly not of Iran.

But the Biden Administration is obsessed with undoing anything with the name “Trump” on it, and has undone even the most common sense energy policies of President Trump.

The results?  Families in every community in our country are being crushed by rising prices - especially when it comes to the fuel they need to get to work or gas they need to cool or heat their homes.  This trend needs to be reversed.

That is why the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.  This bill will not only increase domestic energy production and reform the permitting process for all industries, it will boost the production of critical minerals and streamline energy infrastructure and exports.

This bill is a commitment to the American people that will strengthen our economy.  It will unleash domestic energy production and lower costs for families.  This is a message from the House Republicans to President Biden: we are ready to offer solutions to end his America Last policies.