President Biden’s foreign policy has emboldened our adversaries and endangered our allies.  Iran is the prime example: in September, his Administration released $6 billion in assets as a “sweetener” in hostage negotiations.

Not only did that reckless decision put a price tag on the head of any American abroad, but it gave Tehran and its proxies, namely Hamas, the financial ability to carry out the horrific attack against Israel on October 7th.

The Administration claims that it has re-frozen the funds, but that’s not good enough.  We need to make sure that this money is never able to finance a terror attack against the U.S. or our allies.  That’s why the House of Representatives passed a bill that I cosponsored, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act, to permanently freeze those assets.

I was glad to see it pass with broad bipartisan support because this bill is about our national security and the security of our allies - and that should never be a partisan issue.