Given the recent reporting that the World Health Organization (WHO) was working closely with the Chinese Communist Party to cover up the origin of COVID-19 while simultaneously failing to contain the virus, the U.S. cannot continue to funnel billions of dollars into this organization.

That is why I am cosponsoring the No Taxpayer Funding for World Health Organization Act.  This bill will draw the line and tell the few power hungry elites in Geneva, “no more.” We’ve had enough of their power grabs - we must divest from the WHO and put Americans first once again. 

We need to be focused on investments in American research and American ingenuity.  With Operation Warp Speed, President Trump led an enormous effort to invest in the biomedical industry, and the results speak for themselves: a vaccine produced in record-breaking time.  When it comes to protecting public health, our tax dollars are far better spent developing treatment and cures here, not funding a bureaucratic global organization thousands of miles away.