Here’s the reality: we must stop pollution at the source - including agricultural runoff, leaky septic tanks, fertilizer from our lawns and more.

This week we made a lot of great progress in the fight to clean up our waters and put an end to this public health crisis. First, the House passed my bipartisan Local Water Protection Act which will:

  • Help stop pollution at the source from agricultural runoff, fertilizer and more
  • Assist with septic to sewer conversions
  • Help fund dredging legacy pollutants out of our waterways
  • Increase authorized funding to help build water reservoirs

This was a big victory for our waters, but the fight goes on. That’s why I testified in front of Congress this week about the need to:

  • Increase funding for Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP) projects to at least $200 million per year
  • Fund and complete all of our infrastructure projects, including the EAA Southern Storage Reservoir
  • End the prolonged neglect of the Everglades ecosystem and our community’s ongoing exposure to toxic algal blooms

Together, we must continue to build off the progress we made this week and keep fighting for the future of the Everglades and our community’s public health!

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