After wasting $300 MILLION of YOUR tax dollars to build a port in Gaza, the Biden Administration thought: not enough.

This week, Secretary Blinken announced that the Biden Administration will send another $400 MILLION to the Hamas-occupied region.

This is ludicrous.

Since October 7th, Americans have been exposed to exactly how OUR tax dollars are being funneled to Palestinian terrorists. Take UNRWA, which has been proven time and again to be nothing more than a front for Hamas. 

That is why I introduced an amendment to the NDAA prohibiting American tax dollars from going to build or rebuild anything within the Gaza Strip. Any group that takes control of the Gaza Strip following this war will have ties to terrorism and be opposed to the existence of Israel. 

Given this reality, even one penny of American tax dollars used to build or rebuild infrastructure in Gaza will just be going to subsidize the next attack on Israel. 

I was proud to see this amendment adopted unanimously. We will continue to stand with Israel as it finishes the job of eliminating Hamas.