If you look at the USAID website right now, the stated goal when it comes to the conflict in the West Bank and Gaza is to improve lives of the Palestinian people and to “set conditions for a viable two-state solution.”  The Agency then goes on to brag about how more than $110 million of our taxpayer money was sent to the territories. 

To ask an obvious question: what exactly are we getting for our money?  Are those in the Palestinian territories even open to a two-state solution? 

I asked that exact question of the USAID Administrator during today’s hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and she admitted that the Palestinian Authority wouldn’t even try to make it work! 

Continuing to pour money into Gaza without requiring - or even expecting - any change in their stance towards Israel is just free money for the Palestinian Authority to use in their fight against our strongest ally.  We should not send them another dime.