Inflation is OUT OF CONTROL!

According to the Consumer Price Index report, inflation exceeded forecasts again and is now up to a staggering 9.1 percent, the highest in my lifetime.

While it is painfully obvious that inflation is a result of their reckless, multi-trillion dollar spending sprees, Joe Biden and his allies have pointed their fingers at literally everyone but themselves.

This time last year, the President was insisting that inflation was “temporary.”  Then, he claimed last December that it had peaked.  He was wrong both times.  It’s not temporary and it’s still going up – a direct result of the failed policies from the Biden Administration.

This should be a wake up call for Joe Biden and D.C. Democrats to stop putting their radical, leftist agenda ahead of the well-being of Americans.  Getting inflation under control and bringing prices down for American families should be the top priority.  I’ll continue to fight to remind them of that.