America First means your government has the duty to protect you and your businesses. As a taxpayer, you are entitled to such protection and the freedom to compete fairly and aim high.

However, the Biden Administration is neglecting to carry out this duty. In fact, under Joe Biden, Americans are less safe than ever because of his weakness on the global stage. As a result, we are now seeing an increase in foreign governments threatening to exploit American businesses and capital.

And the latest threat comes from just below our southern border - Mexico.

Earlier this year, the Mexican government threatened to seize control of a quarry and port owned by an American company, in hopes that they could instead build more luxury hotels and resorts. During the House Foreign Affairs Committee earlier this month, I called on a Biden official to explain what the Biden Administration is doing to push back on this government overreach.

We cannot sit idly and expect the Administration to do the right thing. That is why I’m supporting bipartisan legislation that would sanction Mexico or any other country that targets American businesses. As punishment, the bill also prohibits countries from docking their vessels at American ports or importing goods if they seized property belonging to an American citizen or an American company.

At a time when Americans are blatantly targeted across the globe, we need a leader that will put America first. I will continue to call out the Biden Administration for its refusal to do the bare minimum to protect Americans.