Go ahead and add “Israel’s defense” to the list of things AOC and the Squad want to defund, right above “the police” and “Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”  

They have forced their far-left foreign policy into the mainstream thinking of liberals in Congress and passed legislation to stop funding for the joint U.S.-Israel rocket defense system known as the Iron Dome.

This is a defense system that has stopped tens of thousands of rockets fired by the terrorist organization Hamas whose only goal is to kill as many innocent Israelis as possible.  The Iron Dome is the only thing standing in their way, it has saved lives, and yet, the Squad has convinced House Democrats to defund it. 

This is the Squad’s foreign policy: fund terrorists, forsake our allies.  What’s equally alarming is that their Democrat colleagues refuse to stand up against this radical ideology that’s taking over their party. 

I break it all down in my latest video.