This won’t come as a shock to many Americans, but Congress failed to do its job this week...  

It’s Congress’s responsibility to debate and decide how your tax dollars are spent by passing funding bills.  But instead of doing the work it is supposed to do, Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues kicked the can down the road and passed what’s called a ‘continuing resolution’ which just keeps funding the government at the existing levels without any changes or debate. We must stop them from continuing down this disastrous path and restore fiscal sanity to this country!

Also this week, the fight continued against overbearing mandates.  I introduced legislation to protect the privacy of employees and make sure that employers do not discriminate against those based on their personal healthcare decisions.  

And while we continue to deal with pandemic, we can’t lose sight of another epidemic that has gripped our country: opioids.  The House passed two bills on that front, but there’s still more that needs to be done.