Something fishy is going on in the Biden Administration.

One of the first things Joe Biden did after he took an oath as the President of the United States was appoint John Kerry as the first-ever “Climate Czar” - or the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.  President Biden carved out a non-existent role for Kerry to be in charge of climate, with no congressional oversight.

No one seemed to know definitively whether Kerry reports to President Biden or Secretary of State Blinken.  No one seemed to know clearly who works in the office and reports to Kerry.  No one would disclose exactly how the tax dollars were used to fund that office.

No one could give Congress a straight answer.

The hearing that I chaired last month was crucial in ironing out some of those key details, but there are still many more questions to be answered.  I will continue to demand accountability from the Biden Administration so that we know how our tax dollars are used.