Remember when Joe Biden announced PROUDLY during this year’s State of the Union Address that America would build a port in Gaza to deliver more humanitarian aid?

At the time, Americans could read between the lines: This was just a desperate attempt by Biden to appease the far-left activists blocking traffic and protesting on college campuses.

Now, after spending $312 MILLION of YOUR tax dollars, the Pentagon is admitting that none of the humanitarian aid unloaded via the port has made its way to civilians. NONE. In fact, most of it has been stolen by Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Simply put, this is a colossal waste of your tax dollars. Now, the Pentagon is looking at “alternative routes” for delivering aid. 

This is a slap in the face for Americans, especially since this decision was made by the same guy (Joe Biden) who sent $730 MILLION to UNRWA — the U.N. agency that employed terrorists that helped carry out the attack on October 7th. 

The fight to hold the Biden Administration accountable for misusing tax dollars continues. I will keep you updated on that fight.