Whether it’s getting the supplies we need for our families or how we move from Point A to Point B, infrastructure impacts every aspect of our lives.  That’s why I serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - so that I can work towards solutions to the problems that affect our community every day.

On the local level, that means dealing with the expansion of Brightline’s rail service from Miami to Orlando and making sure it doesn’t disrupt the Treasure Coast way of life.  With the announcement of a megagrant to replace the 90-year-old St. Lucie River railroad bridge, we took a big step forward in that fight.

And at the national level, I continued to push for fixes to our supply chain, including cutting needless red tape in order to get more truckers on the road.  The CABS Act is a common sense piece of legislation that ensures qualified drivers aren’t penalized by simple definitions from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

There’s still plenty of work to be done in the new year, and I’m ready and excited to work with the Transportation Committee to keep our country moving forward.

For more about the work we did this year, check out this video.