Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill that I helped introduce with Congressman Bill Posey called the National Estuaries and Acidification Research Act (NEAR Act).

On the Treasure Coast and in the Palm Beaches, we’ve seen what happens when estuaries are left to die—businesses are forced to close, animals are killed, and people get sick. This cannot be allowed to happen.

This bipartisan piece of legislation aims to address the impacts of climate change and water pollution by fighting coastal acidification. The NEAR Act will improve our understanding of coastal acidification so we can mitigate its effects on our nation’s estuaries and other water bodies.  In turn, this will help waterways like the St. Lucie River, Indian River Lagoon, and Lake Worth Lagoon.

The bottom line is that this legislation goes a long way toward protecting marine life and promoting healthier communities. I look forward to keeping you updated as the bill moves through the Senate.

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