Our government handouts more foreign aid annually than almost every other country combined. But do American taxpayers get the recognition? The answer is a short, simple, and insulting NO.

That’s because so much of the humanitarian and economic assistance we send overseas is not branded to denote that it came from the American taxpayer. And unfortunately, when it is branded, it’s usually with the seal of some Alphabet agency no one cares about.

They do this because each agency wants to showcase its own “brand” to the world.  Well, America has a brand too - represented by the stars and stripes.

That’s why I’m introducing legislation requiring that an American flag be displayed on all humanitarian aid packages sent overseas.

U.S. taxpayers provide billions in international assistance every year, but many of the recipients of that aid do not know where it comes from. That’s insulting and irresponsible.

The American Flag is a symbol of freedom around the globe. It’s one of our best tools for building goodwill abroad.