Veterans deserve the very best care America has to offer.

Today, the House of Representatives moved a step closer by passing a funding package for the Department of Veterans of Affairs. This package included my legislation to end the VA’s long standing prohibition on doctors discussing cannabis as a treatment option for veterans in states where it's legal.

For years, this prohibition has ABSURDLY prevented veterans from getting the very best care possible that they earned and deserve.

A few years ago, I met a former member of SEAL Team 6. He was in a helicopter crash that resulted in catastrophic injuries. After countless surgeries, he found himself addicted to the opioids he was prescribed for sleep and pain management.

He was never given an alternative to these drugs. Ultimately, it was cannabis that allowed him to break free of his addiction and manage his pain without opioids. However, he’s never been able to discuss his cannabis use with his doctor at the VA for fear of repercussions.

His story isn’t unique. There are tens of thousands of veterans who are turning to cannabis as an alternative, but they’re forced to hide their use and self-medicate because VA physicians are hamstrung from discussing it as a viable option.

It’s time for change. Veterans deserve to have access to every possible tool and the best medical options available. The passage of my legislation is a huge step in giving them the proper care they need.