If you are a veteran in need of emergency care, the last thing you’re thinking about is notifying the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Unfortunately, under current law, veterans are required to notify the VA within 72 hours of being admitted to receive emergency care. If they fail to meet this arbitrary timeline, they are responsible for the entirety of their hospital bill.

This has left veterans on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars just because they couldn’t navigate the federal bureaucracy fast enough. It doesn’t matter if the veteran is unconscious or in surgery they are still required to let the VA know within 72 hours.

I’m working to change this nonsense.

That’s why today I introduced the Emergency Community Care Notification Time Adjustment Act. My bill would change the VA’s antiquated rules to allow a veteran to notify the department 72 hours after being discharged from emergency care.

This change will allow veterans and their families to focus on their health and recovery, instead of having to worry about bureaucratic red tape.

This is a step in the right direction and I will continue to keep you updated on this fight to protect the veterans and their families from surprise medical bills.