America is the champion of freedom and democracy all across the globe.  That is why we fought and beat Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.  Freedom is the biggest accomplishment of our nation and our generation must defend it at all costs, just as the men and women in uniform before us have.

However, this is no longer true for the military in Biden’s America.  With the woke ideology mandated for servicemembers, our military is taught to focus on what divides, not what unites.  When I was fighting on a battlefield, I couldn’t care less about the color of the snipers or the color of the medic who put tourniquets on my legs and my left arm.  We were all brothers and sisters in arms ready to defend our nation and fight for each other.

That is why the House Republicans voted to end these radical ideologies and policies in our military.  With this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we voted to restore America’s greatness by stopping wokeism in the Pentagon and focusing on making crucial investments in our military.

Freedom is earned, not given.  We cannot let the woke Biden Administration take away what hundreds of thousands of the servicemembers have built with their sacrifices.  I will continue to keep you updated on this fight to restore what made America great.