When I served in Afghanistan, I would have done anything for my brothers and sisters in arms.  I know they would have done the same for me.  We were not focused on anything other than victory and accomplishing our mission. Political ideology, race, religion, socioeconomic class - none of it made any difference.  It was all about whether or not they could do the job.  

Recently, the Pentagon released a new report investigating “extremist activity” in the Department of Defense and they found less than 100 cases of extremist activity among over 2 million members.  That’s only .00005 percent.

In response, the liberal media and Democrats in Congress are trying to create a narrative that the military is a breeding ground for dangerous ideology.  Their solution?  They are forcing our troops to undergo woke indoctrination, which is an actual radical ideology. 

I will not allow our military to be turned into a political arm of the woke mob, so I will fight to make sure that we put strategic objectives above all else.  We need to be focused on winning actual wars, not cultural wars.