There’s no denying the facts: toxic algal blooms are killing Florida’s fish, birds and manatees.  And if we don’t take action, our kids and our families will be the next victims. 

In today’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing, the Vice President of the National Audubon Society perfectly explained why Everglades restoration matters.  In describing her experience in South Florida, she said she “thought she had parked next to a dumpster” because the smell of the toxic algae was so pungent.  She also confirmed that these toxins are killing birds and other animals.

Birds are the canary in the coal mine, which is why I’m fighting to stop toxic discharges and restore the Everglades, including: 

  • Prohibiting discharges when these toxins are present

  • Funding infrastructure to send the water south and stop toxic discharges

  • Removing legacy nutrients from Lake Okeechobee that are fueling algal blooms

  • Reducing nutrient pollution to begin with

  • And more.