Thanks to decades of out-of-control spending, the United States is quickly approaching a new milestone: $31 trillion in national debt.  That’s the equivalent to buying 31 million people a million-dollar home.

The government has got to reign in its spending because, plain and simple, it’s YOUR money.  Every dollar comes from we the people, and Washington needs to be responsible.

But it’s clear that President Biden isn’t taking that responsibility seriously.  His wishlist is never ending.  The latest additions include another $22 billion in COVID-19 relief, on top of the nearly $4 trillion that’s already been spent, and $500 billion for a student loan giveaway.

Every dollar that the government spends today is a dollar that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back down the road.  I’m not interested in mortgaging my kids’ future, which is why I’ll continue to fight against reckless spending.