Somebody ought to remind Joe Biden that this is a republic, not a monarchy, because this week we saw a power grab fit for a king.  He is now mandating that employees of businesses with more than 100 workers be vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

President Biden is blowing past the constraints of executive authority.  He’s issuing unilateral mandates that threaten the individual liberties of every single American, as well as the  reasonable right to privacy, especially when it comes to his or her health care.  At the same time, he’s blatantly ignoring the laws passed by Congress and funding sanctuary cities. 

Threatening to impose a fine on an individual who does comply with tyranny shows the lengths that President Biden will go to in order to expand his own power at the expense of the freedom of American citizens. 

I, like millions of others, have made the choice to receive the vaccine.  But that’s just it: it is a choice that should be made by each individual, not by the President of the United States. 

I’ll continue to fight tooth and nail to check these rampant and unconstitutional mandates.