Sanctions with no action are just empty words.

In the last two years under President Biden and Speaker Pelosi, the United States went from peace through strength to flat-out weakness on the global stage.

From more than $7 billion worth of weapons left in Afghanistan to $100 billion sent to Ukraine, the Biden Administration has demonstrated that weakness in the White House impacts the American position on the global stage.  We cannot show strength if our words don’t mean anything.  When we tell Putin, “do not invade Ukraine,” or Kim Jong Un, “do not fire missiles across Japan,” it can’t just be an empty threat.  There have to be consequences.

That’s why the first hearing I held as Chair of the new Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability was to examine the Biden Administration’s failure to enforce sanctions on our adversaries.

Sanctions are a powerful economic tool of economic warfare that can be used to prevent kinetic warfare.  President Biden should be using them.