In case you missed it, the August jobs report was released this week and it was disappointing, to put it mildly.  The nation added just 235,000 jobs, far less than the 725,000 economists predicted. 

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has continually implemented policies that de-incentivize work.  Whether it was extending welfare benefits without work requirements, or unconstitutionally reinstating the eviction moratorium, they’ve been paying people to not work, and now we’re seeing the results. 

We know what makes our economy thrive: getting government out of the way and letting businesses make the best decisions for themselves.  That’s why states like Florida are seeing lower rates of unemployment than states like New York.  Thankfully, Florida hasn’t been subjected to the type of big government mandates that killed over 200,000 small businesses last year and have kept blue states closed. 

Those are the types of policies that I’ll keep fighting against in Washington.  If this month’s jobs report tells us anything, it’s that we do not need Speaker Pelosi and her liberal allies telling us how to run things in our state.  Her policies don’t work in California, and they won’t work in Florida.

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