Let’s state the obvious: China is not our friend. 

For one hundred years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has, at best, suppressed the basic freedoms of its people, and, at worst, committed atrocious genocide.  The CCP regularly steals the intellectual property of American companies, and it has yet to answer for its role in the coronavirus pandemic. 

With all that being said, why won’t Democrats in Washington stand up to China?  

This week, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats pushed through the so-called COMPETES Act nearly on a party-line vote.  This is their proposal to counter China:  

  • It’s almost 3,000 pages long and would cost over $325 billion of your tax dollars.  

  • It lets the Biden Administration funnel $40 billion tax dollars to the CCP through the International Monetary Fund.

  • It fails to keep American technology secure.   

  • It doesn’t hold China accountable for Wuhan Institute of Virology’s role in the pandemic or for the genocide of Uyghur Muslims - in fact, it doesn’t even include the word “genocide.”  

I’m serious about pushing back against China, and offered several amendments to hold the CCP accountable, but Democrats rejected all of them.  This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but we need action–not concessions–and House Democrats need to do better.