When President Biden said “America is back,” apparently he meant “back in time.”  

With Russian troops moving into position on the Ukrainian border and staff pulling out of the embassy in Kyiv, tensions between the two countries are at a level we haven’t seen since 2014 and the takeover of Crimea. 

Then, Vice President Biden and President Obama refused to send Ukraine the weapons needed to defend itself because it might provoke Russia.  Even those who served with him in the Obama Administration have criticized the response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression then as “too slow.”   

President Trump learned from that mistake and didn’t hesitate to make sure Ukraine had what it needed.  While he was in office, there was no armed conflict between the two nations.  But now that Joe Biden is back in the White House, it’s clear that we’re back to the weak approach that led to months of fighting and unrest in Ukraine. 

We need President Biden to step up, lead from a position of strength and make it clear to our adversaries that the U.S. will always defend democracy.