In the summer of 2021, the world watched in shock as Kabul fell to the hands of the Taliban thanks to President Biden’s botched withdrawal that led to 13 more Gold Star families.  After 20 years and trillions of dollars spent in Afghanistan, President Biden let the Taliban set the clock back to 2001.

This is what happens when President Biden - the Commander-in-Chief - has no strategy whatsoever in a major decision like this.  Instead, he is more interested in his own political ambition, using men and women in uniform as his own political pawns.

You would think this tragic mistake would be enough for anyone to learn the lessons and change the course for the better, but not for the Biden Administration.

According to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) - who is in charge of oversight of funds sent to Kabul - the United States has sent more than $11 billion in aid since August of 2021.

This week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing with SIGAR’s Inspector General, Mr. John Sopko, to understand the strategy behind the Biden Administration’s aid to Afghanistan.  Mr. Sopko’s answer?  “There is no strategy.”  On top of that, he testified that the State Department was prohibiting him from accessing certain internal documents that are essential to his role as Inspector General!

It is clear that the Biden Administration has not learned its lessons from the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.  America’s foreign policy should be about advancing America’s best interest.  Sending tens of billions of dollars to a terrorist organization is doing the exact opposite.  I’ll continue fighting to make sure the Biden Administration is held accountable for its irresponsible actions.