Did you know that there are 3,350 soldiers who have refused to let the government stick a needle in their arm with the COVID-19 vaccine?  Last week, the Army announced that it would begin to discharge those who have refused to comply with President Biden’s mandate. 

That’s roughly 3 full battalions of soldiers who could be booted from the military at a time when Russia and China are posing very real threats.  That’s roughly 3 full battalions who would lose their jobs for exercising their rights to medical freedom and privacy. 

President Trump had a great idea to solve this problem: introduce a bill that would require the military to reinstate anyone who was discharged because they didn’t follow the big government mandate. 

I couldn’t agree more, so today, I introduced that bill.  The Vaccine Mandate Reenlistment Act would make sure that any soldier, sailor, Airman or Marine who was discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine would be able to rejoin the military at their same rank.  I was joined by 21 of my fellow colleagues who have cosponsored the legislation.  

Those who support vaccine mandates for the military say that it’s about military readiness, but how can discharging thousands of troops benefit our readiness?  We need to get these men and women back in uniform and back doing the work that they love: serving our country and defending our freedom.

Read the bill here: